Moving through the school

Transition describes the movement that takes place from one familiar setting, including the home, to another.
Pupils at Broomfield Primary School may make several transitions as they move through the school including the following:

  • Transition from home to EYFS. This may be nursery, childminder or straight to Reception
  • Transition from home, nursery or childminder to Reception
  • Transition from EYFS to Year 1
  • Transition from one class to another
  • Transition from Year 6 to secondary school

Each of these transitions is unique, with its own challenges and expectations.
We want our children to experience smooth transitions, so that the quality of learning is maintained and children continue to make the very best progress. We aim to support each individual child so that they:

  • Make a happy transition from home to school and year group to year group.
  • Progress towards independence and develop confidence, resilience and the ability to cope with change.
  • Develop a clear understanding of the new expectations ahead of them.

We understand that every family will want to support their child on this journey, so we will ensure:

  • Ensure that any relevant information from outside agencies is acknowledged and acted upon
  • Encourage all parents to be partners in their child’s education.
  • Assist parents in helping their child prepare for school and transition to each new phase.

Transition activities will be shared with children and families on a termly and annual basis.


Moving On

Next Steps ……..

Children from our school go on to Secondary Education in a variety of places including Northallerton, Richmond, Bedale and the Independent Sector. We work hard to establish links with all our secondary schools. We are currently working to establish a programme of learning experiences that engage the expertise of teaching staff in our partnership schools to benefit the pupils and staff at Broomfield.

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