School Council

“It’s great for everyone to be able to share their opinions. We can share problems and help to improve things.”

A School Council member

respecting school rights

Article 12

You have the right to give your opinion, and for adults to listen and take it seriously.

 At Broomfield, we have a very active School Council, who play a central and significant role in the life of our school. Our council comprises two pupils from each class who represent their peers at our regular council meetings. The council ensures all pupils are able to express their opinions and ideas, knowing they will be shared and listened to.

Our councillors are elected by their peers at the start of each school year. Through this election process the pupils also learn about the fundamental principles of democracy, equality and respect.

The School Council also lead our Rights Respecting work across the school and organise regular projects to promote children’s rights at school, in our local community, and around the world.

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