Parent Governor

Having moved to Northallerton from Leeds in 2022 and with a child currently in reception at Broomfield Primary, I am keen to support the school’s continued success. My family recently welcomed our second child who will join the school in 4-5 years, so I have a vested interest in helping drive further improvements that equip students for long-term achievement.

As a Professor of Statistics at Durham University, I bring expertise in crucial topics like maths, computing and data literacy that provide foundations for future opportunities. Through outreach programmes in nurseries and schools, I have witnessed first-hand the transformative effect of building skills and confidence from an early age. As governor, I will leverage my experience working across academia, government and industry to ask thoughtful, strategic questions that support the school’s improvement. I am motivated to serve as governor by a desire to promote social mobility for the children by broadening their horizons and making connections that will inspire them to reach their full potential.

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