An approach to learning

Teaching and developing children’s metacognition skills

respecting school rights

Article 29

Your education should help you use and develop your talents and abilities to their fullest potential.

ReflectED is an approach to learning that teaches and develops children’s metacognition skills. It can support and improve attainment for all pupils by enhancing pupils’ ability to think about their learning, assess their progress, set and monitor goals, identify strengths and challenges in their learning and develop a learning dialogue between pupil and teacher.

ReflectED teaches children the skills of reflection and how to record their learning moments and strategies. Teachers can also look across these reflections to understand what pupils are enjoying or struggling with, and identify specific pupil needs.

How it Works

The ReflectED approach involves weekly metacognition lesson plans for every year group that teach children how to break down the learning process, including topics such as growth mindset, overcoming barriers to learning, and perseverance. Alongside this, children learn how to reflect on their curriculum lessons, identifying what they have learned and what strategies were most successful. All classes use a standard set of colour codes to identify how the children feel about a particular learning challenge at the start of the lesson, and again at the end. This helps the children to recognise the progress they have made and to articulate their thoughts and feelings about their learning.

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