Special Educational Needs and Disability

What Support and Provision Broomfield School makes for our Vulnerable Learners


High Quality Support for Learning


Broomfield School successfully makes provision for and includes all learners, including those with SEND. The provision we make benefits different groups of learners and both our school data and OFSTED Inspection Report 2012 show outcomes for these pupils are improved as a result of our work.


High quality support for learning within mainstream lessons is the most important factor in helping pupils with SEND. Broomfield School provides high quality support for all pupils through good and outstanding teaching in mainstream lessons. This enables all pupils to make progress alongside their peers, including those with SEND.


In addition to this our school offers a fully differentiated curriculum which is rich, creative and engages pupils’ interests. We offer a variety of teaching and learning styles, flexible teaching and classroom arrangements, a range of interactive strategies including Interactive Whiteboards and have a comprehensive range of visual and practical resources which support teaching and learning.


OFSTED 2012 found that ‘teachers have high expectations, make clear to pupils what they are going to learn and use questioning well to develop thinking and assess understanding.’ Our schools ‘top tips’ for learning give pupils a clear understanding about what they need to do in order to achieve successful learning outcomes and to accelerate their progress further.


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