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We are a family.  We operate on an open, friendly basis where every person is valued and individual natures and quirks are celebrated.


We talk – a lot! – about anything and everything, listen to each other and have respect for other people’s opinions and ways of life. Our staff are supportive not just to all pupils, but to all families, and offer an open door to anyone who needs our help. As a result, we attract families from various walks of life, with a diverse catchment area.

At Broomfield Primary School, we feel that it is important to our community that we focus on more than the two subjects by which we are held accountable nationally.


We prepare children for all aspects of life; broadening horizons and opening minds through our wide array of topics, reading, discussions, day trips, residentials and many other activities. We are nation-builders – developing the adults of the future – and therefore at the very heart of our practice is our work as a Unicef Rights Respecting School.


Our school choir, many sporting teams and reading ambassadors frequently build links between the school and our local community and all children are enthusiastic about our work with the Fayef School in Ghana, whom we support through frequent fundraising.

In an ever-changing world, particularly in the field of education, we reflect on the myriad of possibilities for enhancing practice to arrive at what is right, right now, for our children, our families.


We pride ourselves on being adaptive and flexible in our practice, combining both a vast amount of teacher experience and research to continually improve the quality of education our pupils receive across, and beyond, the curriculum.


Members of staff keep up to date through engagement in research projects, lesson study and self-driven professional investigations into different approaches to teaching and learning.

Broomfield Primary School

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